Everyday Makeup Artists vs Bridal Makeup Artists: Are They Really That Different?

Aug 18

It’s not often that you get a day dedicated almost entirely to you.

That’s why a bride’s wedding day is so special. It’s her day to dream, plan, and imagine. To bring her fairytale to life…down to every stunning detail.

From a show-stopping gown to gorgeous, perfectly-in-place waves — every bride wants to feel like a million bucks on her wedding day.

And her makeup is no exception.

Without question, makeup plays a big role in a bride’s quest for radiance. Yet so many brides don’t even know where to start when it comes to finding a makeup artist they love.

Do they go with their cousin’s best friend who offers beauty services at their local Sephora, or do they take it up a notch and book a reputable bridal makeup artist? Is one really better than the other?

After all, makeup is just makeup, right?


For a bride, makeup is so much more than just makeup. It’s an intricate part of her entire wedding masterpiece. If you’re a bride, torn between an everyday makeup artist or a bridal makeup artist, here are the top reasons why bridal makeup artists should always be the number one choice.

They are uniquely qualified

Let’s start with the obvious: bridal makeup and everyday makeup serve two different occasions. And while everyday makeup artists can certainly be experts, they are typically not experts in the bridal industry.

That’s what makes bridal makeup artists unique. They understand the specific needs and preferences of brides and know the intricate details that make a stunning look.

They are well-versed in the delicate balance between enhancing a bride’s natural beauty and creating a camera-ready look that withstands the emotional whirlwind of the day. Essentially, they have the skills to ensure that brides look dazzling in person, on camera, and on video.

It’s a big day and bridal makeup artists have one chance to nail this look. This is why they spend so much time planning and prepping to make sure every detail is perfect — from start to finish. They create a transformative experience that will boost any bride’s confidence and make them feel like the most radiant person in the room. Plus, they are experienced in managing nerves and emotions and will keep the bride relaxed and stress-free while getting ready.

And truthfully, you won’t find this level of detail with an everyday makeup artist.

They know how to dial up the intensity

Ask any bride how she wants to look on her wedding day and likely the word “flawless” will come up. Bridal makeup artists don’t promise that unattainable Instagram-filter-kind-of-flawless. It’s just not reality. However, bridal makeup offers an extra layer of coverage, ensuring that blemishes, discoloration, and dark circles appear erased.

While the overall look will vary widely depending on the bride’s preferences, bridal artists are uniquely skilled in giving any style of makeup a dramatic, radiant effect.

That’s not to say that bridal makeup can’t look natural. It absolutely can.

However, even with the most natural look, bridal artists use bolder techniques that will enhance features, especially in photos. For example, bridal artists will often use false lashes instead of heavy mascara for two reasons. One, they’re great for a bride who knows she’ll be shedding many tears. And two, they open the eye and add dimension, which is perfect for photos.

This segues perfectly into our next point.

They are experts in camera-ready makeup

Wedding photography captures those special memories and emotions that brides don’t want to forget. To say photography is important to a bride is an understatement.

Unfortunately, when makeup isn’t done by a professional, brides run the risk of not looking their best in those oh-so-important photos.


Cameras will be pointed at the bride all day, in various lights and settings, often creating a washed-out look. That’s why it’s critical to know how to apply makeup for every photo.

For example, it’s important to select foundation without SPF in it because it reflects light, which translates into a ghost-like appearance. Not good! In contrast, a light-diffusing foundation and concealer will bounce light around and minimize imperfections and shine.

And speaking of shine, wedding day makeup should be neither too shiny nor too matte. Shiny can appear greasy and matte can appear dull and one dimensional. Bridal makeup artists are skilled in nailing the right balance — fresh and bright with just the right amount of glow to enhance features.

They are skilled in longevity

A wedding is typically an all-day event. So, it’s critical that bridal makeup lasts through hours of joyful tears, dancing, and possible smudging. Although everyday makeup is reliable for many occasions, it’s not built to withstand the longevity that wedding day makeup is.

Bridal makeup artists take the time to prep the skin and seal the makeup. From prepping the skin to layering techniques to long-wearing foundation and waterproof products, the process is much more complex. And it’s these techniques and high-quality products that ensure the bride looks flawless – from morning to night.

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