Are you looking for bridal specific education to either start a new career or advance in your current one? The Lovely Artistry Collective is excited to launch a specialized training academy, The Lovely Academy, for those looking to grow a career in the bridal beauty industry. 

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At our Bridal Hair and Makeup Academy, we offer a sanctuary for both aspiring and seasoned professionals in the realm of bridal beauty. Our academy serves as a haven where individuals can immerse themselves in tailored education, whether they are novices seeking foundational knowledge or seasoned pros looking to expand their skill set. Bridal beauty, as a career path, brims with potential and flexibility, making it an exceptionally rewarding choice for those passionate about the artistry of makeup and hair styling.

Bridal Makeup & Hair Education


Our primary objective is to equip you with the tools and techniques necessary to elevate your artistry, grow your business, and enhance your expertise. Beyond the classroom, we are committed to nurturing your continued development even after you've completed your courses with us. Our classes are meticulously curated and led by seasoned, experienced bridal professionals who are actively working in the industry. Drawing from their wealth of knowledge and expertise, our instructors ensure that you receive top-tier education and practical insights that are directly applicable to the bridal beauty landscape.

As part of our commitment to your success, we provide ongoing support to all our students. Upon class completion, you will gain access to our exclusive Facebook group, a vibrant community where you can showcase your work, seek feedback, and engage with fellow artists. This platform not only fosters collaboration and networking but also serves as a valuable resource for continued learning and growth.

At our academy, we believe in setting you up for success not just during your time with us, but also in the years that follow. We are dedicated to building a community of artists who inspire, support, and uplift one another on their individual journeys in the bridal beauty industry. Join us at the The Lovely Academy where creativity meets excellence, and where your passion for beauty is nurtured into a thriving career.


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Welcome to Glam Wave Mastery! In this course, you will master the art of creating stunning, glam wave styles that leave brides in awe. Learn the essential techniques and intricacies of prepping the hair, selecting the right products and tools and achieving a long-lasting signature wave pattern that lasts all night. Discover how to seamlessly incorporate extensions for enhanced longevity, and durability while ensuring a frizz-free finish. We will also explore various parting techniques that complement glam waves beautifully. Glam waves are in high demand and mastering them will set you apart in this growing industry. Join us to elevate your hairstyling skills and start offering Glam Waves to future brides. This skill set will help you grow your business as an in demand bridal specialist! This is a hands on class and mannequins are provided.


Glam Wave Mastery

In this Boho Styling Mastery class, bridal stylists are immersed in a transformative learning experience aimed at mastering various Boho styles. This class delves deep into the intricacies of achieving textured down styles and updos synonymous with the Boho aesthetic. Covering a diverse range of topics, techniques, and product knowledge, participants are equipped with the skills needed to not only create Boho-inspired looks but also ensure a frizz-free finish that lasts throughout the night. Boho styling is a very popular preference from brides and wedding party guests and knowing how to achieve the texture, braids and styling to achieve these looks is imperative to a successful bridal styling career. This is a hands on class and mannequins are provided.


Boho Styling Mastery

In our Bridal Bun Mastery course, we cater to bridal stylists seeking to confidently replicate any bun style their clients desire. Whether it's the sleek, modern, and timeless bun, high sophisticated bun or a textured, loose bun, this course covers a comprehensive range of bun variations. Participants delve into the specifics of product selection, essential skills, and techniques required to craft these stunning styles that endure throughout the night. By mastering the art of bun styling through this course, stylists gain the expertise and confidence needed to create flawless bun looks that leave a lasting impression on any bridal client. Buns are foundational to bridal styling but they are surely an art to create! Add bun confidence to your arsenal and watch your bridal career soar. This is a hands on class and mannequins are provided.


Bridal Bun Mastery


Soft glam is an art! In this soft glam bridal makeup class, participants delve into a comprehensive journey through essential elements, starting with skin preparation and expanding into valuable product knowledge. This course emphasizes the art of a thorough consultation, customizing looks tailored to enhance each client's natural features optimally, steering clear of excessive cakey or heavy makeup applications. It caters perfectly to the soft glam aesthetic, ideal for the timeless bride seeking radiance. Throughout the class, every step of the makeup process is meticulously explored, guiding students towards mastering the creation of stunning soft, glam bridal looks. This is a hands on makeup class and a model is required.


Soft Glam Bridal

Our full glam bridal makeup class will take you on a transformative journey to master the art of creating customized, full glam bridal looks. Beginning with a focus on skin preparation and product knowledge, participants are guided on selecting the appropriate products and mastering techniques that ensure long-lasting results, allowing brides to shine throughout their special day. This class caters to brides seeking that extra "wow" factor, emphasizing the essential skills required to achieve a glamorous bridal look. Each step of the makeup process is carefully detailed, culminating in hands-on practice with a model to enhance and refine these newfound skills. Full glam bridal makeup is a skill you don't want to pass on. This is a hands on makeup class and a model is required. 


Full Glam Bridal

In this class, the focus is on equipping artists with the knowledge and skills needed to cater to mature clients effectively. Understanding the differences and reasons "why" that come with working on mature skin, this class delves into essential adjustments such as skin preparation, product selection, and application techniques tailored specifically for mature clients. Through a comprehensive walkthrough of an entire makeup application, participants gain the confidence and expertise to cater to any mature client with ease. Emphasizing the importance of ingredients and skin prep, this class elevates mature makeup to an art form, highlighting the intricate details that contribute to a flawless and age-appropriate makeup look. Never feel nervous about servicing a mother of the bride/groom or grandma again! This is a hands on makeup class and a model is required. 


Mature Makeup Mastery

As a bridal makeup artist, we have a responsibility to service an array of different clients from all backgrounds. Every client deserves to feel like we as the professional understand the very foundational pieces of our artistry. In our multicultural makeup class, the focus is on empowering artists who may feel unsure or intimidated when working with diverse skin tones and textures. This class is carefully crafted to help participants grasp the differences and reasoning behind making distinct decisions, particularly in color correction, color matching, and product selection. By honing in on these crucial aspects, artists are equipped to confidently cater to clients of various backgrounds and unique skin characteristics. This class serves as a valuable resource, ensuring that artists are well-prepared to address the needs of any client who takes a seat in their makeup chair. This is a hands on makeup class and a model is required. 


Multi-Cultural Makeup

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