The Hottest Bridal Hairstyle Trends – Hollywood Glam Waves

Nov 28

One of the hottest bridal hairstyle trends at the moment is Hollywood waves, and we love it! It’s been the go-to wedding hairstyle for vintage-inspired brides or in place of a traditional updo for glam weddings.

And it’s no wonder – in this crazy world, we all crave some red-carpet glamor! Feminine, sleek, and glamorous, it’s a wedding hairstyle that will make a significant impact while having a timeless look that won’t look dated in photos. Ready to channel your inner bombshell?

Bridal Glam Wave Hairstyle — Is It Right For You?
Glam waves for brides are a stunning look, so if you’re considering it for your wedding day look, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, because they may look effortless and soft, it’s a look that’s not easy to achieve, and you need a specific type and length of hair for ultimate results. So, if you’re wondering if you’re a good candidate for the bridal glam wave look, read on.

You’re Going To Need A Professional Hairstylist
Regardless of what you may have read, this hairstyle is very hard to achieve on your own. Not only are the waves supposed to be continuous and perfect without even a hint of frizzy strays, they usually require a lot of hair product and 3-dimensional viewing to ensure it is coming together.

Glam waves may seem simple, but much preparation goes into creating that ultra-sleek look, especially for those who may have hair with natural texture or damage/frizz. The waves in this style flow in a single, uninterrupted line, giving it a manicured and sensual appearance, unlike your typical curly blow-dry.

Engaging the services of a talented bridal hair stylist in Columbus to create your bridal glam waves will ensure the look is flawless. Our team at The Lovely Artistry Collective has been trained on the proper techniques to prep, smooth, curl and protect the look. These preparatory steps are essential for longevity and the glam waves’ bridal hairstyle impact since these kinds of glam waves are very susceptible to external elements like blowing wind, humidity, or heat.

With that said, it is also really important to be realistic in your expectations and desires when it comes to your wedding day hair. Things such as weather, environment, venue, natural texture, hairs ability to hold curl on a normal basis, etc – should all be taken into consideration. At the end of the day, your artists tools are not magic wands. This style is not ideal for someone who likes to play with their hair either as once the hair is set it should not be messed with.

In a nutshell, this bridal hairstyle will take up to two + hours, depending on your hair texture, length and prep needs. This is also something to consider when creating your day-of timeline as this style cannot be rushed.

Extensions Will Be Your Best Friend
Most women need hair extensions to achieve the glamorous Hollywood glam waves hairstyle. Hair extensions aren’t just for adding those extra inches to your hair length. They also add structure and rigidity to the natural flow of the hair. And since most women’s natural hair thins at the ends, the hair extensions will help to balance the fullness from the top of your head to the ends of your hair. Extensions are almost always a must when trying to achieve the bridal glam wave look.

Hair Extension Rentals
Purchasing a high quality set of real human hair extensions can run you $350 and up. Most brides don’t want to spend this one a set of clip in extensions to wear only one time. Luckily, at The Lovely Artistry Collective in Columbus, Ohio, we offer an amazing Extension Rental Program that is a very cost effective way to achieve your dream wedding hair!

If you decide to invest in your own set of clip-in extensions to keep – we highly recommend Glam Seamless. You can shop here! They have fantastic custom service and can color match you virtually!

When you come in for your preview appointment with your The Lovely Artistry Collective artist, they can also color match you. You will have the chance to play with extensions we have in-studio so that you can really see what the style will be like with extensions. If you decide to use our Extension Rental Program your Artist will give you instructions on how to go about it – its a super easy, simple and quick process! We’ve fine tuned our process for this amazing rental service to ensure no-stress to our brides.

It Has To Work With The Dress
Another thing to consider is will the wedding glam waves work with or compete with your wedding dress. While Hollywood glam waves photograph beautifully, they don’t look great with all wedding dress styles. For example, a high-backed dress that covers your neck will not sit well with these glam waves, as you’re likely to get static and frizz.

Choose off-shoulder gowns or low-neck ones, not only so that the hairstyle is center stage but also so maintaining it is easier and hair is not constantly rubbing against fabric. A one-shoulder wedding dress will also work if you want your glam waves to be in the front over your shoulder. The Columbus bridal hair stylist will drape your Hollywood waves over the opposite shoulder.

When you’re getting ready, wear a thin satin or silk dressing gown to keep the hair frizz-free and untangled.

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